3. PMI-TW International Congress, PTIC - PMITW 20

PMI-TW International Congress, PTIC

PMI台灣專案管理國際論壇(PMI-TW International Congress, PTIC) 已是台灣專案管理最重要的年度盛事,大會將邀請來自北美及亞太地區國際友人及專家學者進行實務分享。論壇專業程度已獲政府高層、國內外企業、組織團體及專業經理人的高度重視。 大會研討主軸都將依據當前趨勢訂定,期能藉由專案管理的平台引起社會迴響。活動辦理迄今,每年都吸引超過400人次參與,成果將透過各主流媒體刊登報導,美國總會相關刊物亦將大篇幅進行成果分享。

PMI-TW International Congress (PTIC) is the most important annual event for Taiwan's project management. The conference will invite international friends, experts and scholars from North America and Asia Pacific to share practical work. The professional level of the forum has been highly valued by senior government officials, domestic and foreign companies, organizations and professional managers. The main points of the conference will be based on current trends to create a platform,  and make positive impact on society through such professional platform  . Up to now, the event has attracted more than 400 participants, and the results will be reported through the mainstream media. The relevant PMI outlets  have dedicated significant coverage to the conference. 

I.2011 PTIC


I. The New Era of Project Management after ECFA – Linking to the World

II. 2012 PTIC


II. Values of Project Management – Internationalization, Innovation, and Talent



III. Embrace Global Dynamics, Excellent Enterprise Sustainability

IV. 2014 PTIC


IV. Localize The International Value and Internationalization

V. 2015 PTIC

順應環境變遷 迎接未來挑戰

V. Accommodating Changing Environment, Facing Further  Challenge

VI. 2016 PTIC


VI. Accelerating industrial innovation with project Management

VII. 2017 PTIC

跨界整合新人才 掌握趨勢創未來

VII. Cross-field Talents: Masters of the Future



VIII. The outlook of Project Management-Challenge and Opportunity in the AI Era