3.6 2016 PTIC - PMITW 20


National Standard

新春團拜是PMI-TW重要的研討會之一,也會是每年PMI-TW的第一場大型活動。每年春暖花開之際,所有PM與前輩都會聚在這個台灣專案管理界的盛會,一起慶賀新的一年的到來。除了邀請所有專案管理的菁英開講外,幾乎每年都不會缺席的Team Building活動,更是PMI-TW新春團拜的高潮,藉由團隊合作的互動,與遊戲帶來的創造力與邏輯思維程,融合專業與人文素養,激盪出專案管理的新氣象。

Chinese New Year Party is one of the most important symposium held by PMI-TW, and also the first large event of the year. Each year, PM and elites gather at the event to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Instead of the usual speech, Team-Building event is always the highlight of the Chinese New Year Party. Students are encouraged to interact 

II. PMI-TW 創會珍貴文件

II. PMI-TW Founding Documents




III. 2000年 NPMA成立大會

III. The Founding of NPMA


The Purpose to establish another local non-profit organization “National Project Management Association (NPMA)” in July 2000, for much easier developing membership as well as the promotion of project management, and to develop a 106 hours Chinese project management course called “CPMP” for the ultimate goal of obtaining PMP.


IV PMI-TW Officially Registered and Established

PMI-TW於2003年4月於中華民國內政部完成登記,並於九月獲得PMI-GOC 延續分會的通知。

PMITW was officially registered/incorporated in April 2003 in Ministry of Interior of the ROC government, and received the renew charter from PMI-GOC in September.